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Specialized Mowing offers cutting services for difficult areas with steep hills, rough terrain, and slopes up to 50 degrees. Using specialized equipment managed by remote control, our team offers safe, remote controlled operation from up to 1000 feet and can cut grass, light brush, and trees up to 4” in diameter. Protect your team and yourself!

Remote Mowing of Ditches, Waterways and Steep Slopes

Maintaining these areas is a physically demanding, labor intensive and sometimes dangerous job for the people doing the work. Don’t risk the safety of your employees or yourself when there is a safer, more cost effective method to accomplish the same task. We can provide mowing along roadways, ditches, golf courses, ponds, lakes, trails, factories, parks, gas lines, power lines, wetlands, earthen dams and other areas.


Nobody wants to go up on a hill in the heat and weeds or down in  bee, bug, and snake infested ditch to do the work that HAS to get done. We get the job done safely without risk to you or your employees.


Workers operating riding mowers face serious safety issues. Their employers need to make sure the equipment in use is designed and maintained with safety in mind. Employers must make sure that workers are trained to avoid hazardous surroundings. Specialized Mowing eliminates this problem altogether.

Grass covered Dam Walls require good maintenance to prevent erosion and deterioration.  However the long slopes pose a potentially serious roll over hazard to tractors and ride-on-mowers. Our remote controlled mowing can continue in wet Winter and Spring conditions on slopes that would be unsafe and slippery handling brushcutters.
Our remotely controlled mower will also comfortably tackle tough mowing tasks on flat / level and difficult to access areas. The heavy flail mulcher head will cut and mulch heavy growth, whether old fibrous growth, lush new growth or heavy wet grass and more in almost
any environment!
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