At Specialized Mowing, we’re always at the forefront of the newest technology. For all the properties that have steep hills, we offer mowing service using our remote-controlled slope mower. Designed with wide rubber tracks, we can handle slopes up to an impressive 50° with no problem. Not only can we mow slopes, we can handle uneven/rough terrain and mow down brush and saplings up to 4” in diameter! Our slope mowing service is available to most all areas of Central Virginia.

Common Property Types Needing Steep Hill Mowing

We can service many types of property with steep slopes, including residential. Typically, we mow the areas other people won’t. The most common types of properties we slope mow include:

  • Roadways & Interstate Overpasses
  • Municipal, County, & State Sloped Property
  • Commercial Property w/ Steep Hills
  • Large Residential & Fields w/ Steep Hills

Contact us today to discuss

your slope mowing needs

If you’re located in Central Virginia, in areas such as Lynchburg, Forest, Smith Mountain Lake or Roanoke give us a call at (540) 875-6559. We’ll discuss your requirements and let you know if we can provide remote slope mowing services for your property!

Mowing Slopes Safely w/ Remote Control

The biggest reason a standard mower or tractor cannot be used to mow steep slopes is the danger factor. With weight distribution and standard tires, these types of equipment are prone to rollovers, which can seriously injure the operator, or even cause death.

With our slope mower, there are no wheels, rather wide rubber tracks that provide additional traction. However, what makes our hillside mower the safest option is the operator doesn’t ride on the machine itself. The mower is 100% remote controlled!